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Friday, March 17, 2006

This blog

Well, I've had a good go at altering the template. Still have some of that awful green leftover so will have to get back to it another time. Thought it would be good to get some posts up even if the site looks foul. Noone's reading this in March anyway. Or are you?

Handknitting at the moment includes, but is not only, a cardigan in Collinette Giotto, Marble colourway. I'm hoping anyone reading this has scrolled back from the current posts having found the link in the May issue of Magknits. Having said that, this supposes that I have finished the cardigan, written the pattern and submitted everything by the end of March and not been distracted by a certain cashmerino project, which there will be more of soon.

Giotto Cardigan Back
I won a knitting machine on ebay in December. The idea behind this was to let me still knit without exacerbating the RSI I've developed (which is not helped by typing hahahahah). Well, nearly three months later we have tamed the beast. Here is the swatch for a baby tank top using
Fyberspates sock yarn:

Fyberspates Swatch: Made by a machine

Jeni sent me this when I contacted her about designing with her yarns. I admit that I wasn't fond of the colours in the skank but rewound and knitted they look much better together and I will be very sorry to part with a finished product.

I have made the first part of the tank and the second is on the machine, shown here complete with a rare sighting of a KnittingMachineNoblin:

Ok, that's enough for me now. I'm going to keep investigating how to get a border on the photos and how to rid myself of that awful green.


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That knits up well nice!

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, he's quite cute! Does he come with the machine?


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