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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Noblin Design - Ballet Sisters

Ballet Sisters are two patterns for arm/leg warmers, originally using GGH Samoa and GGH Samoa Mouline. The pattern is available for free when you purchase the yarn (4 balls for each set) from Yarnsmith. If you don't see the colours you fancy, phone up and ask Brooke if she'll be able to order you some others.

Edited to add: Ruby-Roo is now available for free as Pattern of the Month for April.

Click for pattern detail


Knit and Purl zigzag pattern. Shown here with Samoa Pink for the ribbing and Samoa Mouline Pink and Purple for the main part.

Click for pattern detail


Feather and Fan pattern. Shown here with Samoa Orange, Blue and Lilac. Originally made using 4mm needles which gives a narrow tube, suitable for arm warmers.


I used smaller needles than recommend for aran weight yarn to give a denser fabric for Ruby-Roo and smaller lace pattern for Lilybeth. If you think you'll need a larger size, try using 4.5mm or 5mm needles. You can also try blocking Lilybeth to make the lace pattern more pronounced.

If you plan to wear you legwarmers pulled up over your calves, you might prefer not to decrease after the main pattern section.

I used 6mm needles for casting on and off to prevent tightness. If you don't have a larger needle, you could hold two needles together or use a stretchy cast on method like the long tail cast on.


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