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Sunday, January 29, 2012

This week's Ghibli film

Some time ago, Film 4 had a Studio Ghibli season and I recorded as many as I could.  I didn't make it to the Ghibli museum on my recent trip but I realised that I've only seen Princess Mononoke and one film wouldn't really give me the best basis for enjoying a museum dedicated to decades of anime. So, I've a hard drive with some films I recognised and others I didn't for hours of enjoyable research.  First up was Only Yesterday. Wikipedia link here
ETA I've just found another interesting link here

This isn't really a film for children which surprised and reminded me that in Japan, animation isn't just aimed at children.  I suppose there is animation for adults here too, but I'd forgotten.  There isn't anything particularly unsuitable for children (although some biology is discussed that might lead to further questions) but I think they'd find it boring.  It's about an old woman like me (hahah, she's 27) thinking about what she wants in life and remembering when she was ten.  And farming.  That's all really.  I found it rather beautiful and moving in a very gentle way.



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