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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been meaning to get back into running and to slim down and tone up.  I want to be stronger and fitter this year than ever.  I don't want to have to worry about being left at work to open or close the warehouse door anymore (sometimes I do it and it hurts my back).  I want to run the 5k Race For Life this year and actually run it all. I want to join a local running club (which gives you a free t shirt if you turn up enough times). I want to eat less chocolate and worry less about my teeth falling out. Or I want to eat more chocolate but not worry about my trousers not fitting.  I want some more room in my trousers for my stomach without having to buy more trousers. I've signed up to myfitnesspal to keep a food diary for a while and the first day has confirmed what I've known for a while - I get a lot of extra energy from my snacks :) I'm not going to drastically alter what I eat at the moment as I eat lots of good things to balance out all the sugar but I'm going to keep the diary to see why I didn't lose weight last year when I was running so much more than before.  I'm fairly sure it's all the snacks, particularly the extra snacks I eat when I run so a diary will help me keep an eye on this. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be running enough to eat more than usual but still have looser trousers.


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