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Sunday, January 22, 2012

First run of the year

I haven't run since the semi-disatrous 10k in September so I've gone right back to the beginning.  I'm following a beginner's training plan from runner's world which has me training 5 times per week - 2 runs, 1 power walk and 2 circuits involving planks and lunges and things to improve strength.  The runs are more like interval session with short bursts of sprinting and walking to recover.  It was fun to be out again.  My trainers didn't hurt my toes as I was out for such a short time, it was short enough to not feel onerous (6 x 30secs run, 2mins walk) and it reminded me of when I was a genuine beginner, in 2009, when I would run rather than jog. The first few reps weren't too hard but as usual, the running began to feel like it was taking longer and the walking sections felt much shorter by the time I was at the third rep. After a total of not very much running at all, I deserved a lovely bath and even ached the next day so even though it was only a fraction of the amount of running I probably could do, it felt worth while.

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