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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Little Present

I ordered Knitted Babes from the library a while ago and collected it on Monday. I didn't have it in mind for me but for a special someone who deserves a gift right now. I also sent her Stupid Sock Creatures, which is great! I've seen it in my local Waterstones and wanted it for myself. I don't possess a sewing machine though and feel it has been sent to a better home. Let's see if she reads this blog and guesses who she it.

On the knitting front, I went to the Physiotherapist on Monday and she didn't find much wrong with me so I went home and knit furiously with fair isle, both hands and cotton. I feel that this can be categorised as noblin activity since I have been limited in both knitting and writing ability and doing the washing up is a bit of a strain. This didn't stop me from knitting in my lunch hour on Tuesday and having a chat with an extremely posh little old lady. Nor did it stop me from knitting yesterday lunch time in the social centre and writing at home. It has however, stopped me from going wrist supportless today as all of this activity has taken its toll and there probably won't be knitting tonight. There will be pictures from this week though!

Noblin rating: High
Noblin repercussions: prolonged


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