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Monday, July 07, 2008

True to my word: FO Tiger socks

Hooray these are finished. A long stint in front of the tennis on Saturday and a bit of weaving on Sunday night did the job. I think I over decreased slightly on the toe so my foot shape is rather flattered in those photos. I really like the yarn - it is Opal 6-ply in one of the rainforest shades (tiger) which I think has been discontinued now but they might do another version. I used 2.75mm needles which made it feel like I was flying through the sock as often on socks I use 2mm. In previous posts, you'll see I experimented with circulars and dpns but thanks to my birthday present I finished off just using 5 dpns. It really is my favourite method. I didn't try to match up the stripes on each sock as that would have been too much trouble for me. I did make a note of the pattern repeats and it was about 20 repeats long and quite confusing. I quite like not exactly matching socks. It reminds me of that phase everyone goes through of wearing odd socks. My next project is a shrug: I've finished the arms so will seam it and then consider a border around the neck as I have a whole ball left of Rowan Ribbon Twist.

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