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Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is my swatch

One of the reasons I make up my socks as I go along is so that they fit me. A quick swatch and then lots of trying on sessions have given me some very satisfactory, custom fitted pairs and I like it that way. I've been put off of complicated sock patterns before because of the limitations in sizing. None of this crossed my mind when I embarked on Blossom.

I have knitted the foot section of Blossom and it occurred to me I should try it on. It is a trifle large and I think I will have to rip at least several inches. I'm now kicking myself (with a bare foot) as with a little foresight this could have been neatly avoided. The front of the instep is a lace panel and if you can't get gauge then there's very little in the way of simple alterations that you can do. However, the back panel is stocking stitch and has an increase section near the heel so you can tweak the width very easily and reduce or entirely remove the increases if like me it's coming out large. I really missed a trick here.

No matter. I'm enjoying the pattern and the yarn and will do some ripping with minimal fuss. It's not so bad once you've done it - just a bit painful to think about beforehand.
On a brighter note, I ordered some Unicorn yarn . I was a bit surprised to see it had pretty much sold out on Friday lunchtime but knew a second upload on Friday afternoon was planned. At 11.30pm on Friday I remembered the update but was too tired to go online. I was worried it would all have sold out again. Fyberspates was out of stock but Natural Dye Studio weren't so I chose aqua mark 2. It looks a bit more variegated than a semisolid but should show off stitch patterns nicely. I'm looking out for the postman (and also for a massive parcel that I accidentally ordered from Bliss online full of bathroom lotions and potions but one day I'll meet a billionaire. I used to think a millionaire would do but why limit myself?)

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