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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I'm so excited. I've got the whole day to pack and it's already been an eye-opener. I've found clothes I thought I'd lost (granted I knew they must be somewhere in my cupboard but never bothered looking for them), clothes I'd forgotten about and enough toiletries to last me until Christmas 2015. I think I might be spending the bank holiday weekend after I get back sorting through my entire flat to get a grip on what I have and where all my money has been leaking to.

Something I'm also finding very enjoyable is deciding what knitting to pack. I definitely want something fun and have already given up on the idea of taking any of the socks on the needles. I've narrowed it down to the four items below.

As it's going to be warm on the beach, I searched for something non-wool to at least consider. I've had problems in the past knitting with pure plant fibres as I'm a tense, tight, speedy knitter so I'm left with arm ache and messy stitches. However, I found a bunch of Cotton Rope that I had in mind for a summer top. It's a cotton acrylic blend with 6mm needles recommended so I can't see this causing me too much agro. However, I don't have a pattern in mind and it might not prove to be relaxed and mindless enough to win a place in the suitcase.
Case For: suits hot weather knitting
Case Against: am not struck by inspiration

Mmmmm, alpaca. I am mildly obsessed with wool to the point where my colleague yesterday suggested I was a sheep in a previous life. I responded, Yes, an alpaca. This Puppy Alpaca Rimisto was purchased in a previous lifetime when I visited Japan for a someone to knit for another. Well, the someone's not around anymore and I'm thinking this should become some wristwarmers for me with plenty leftover for another pair or a scarf or hat or socks ...
Case For: I really fancy this yarn
Case Against: not suited for summer knitting

Um, I've just talked myself out of bringing this. I'm not really a fan of the colour of this Noro Cash Iroha so it will become a gift so I'll need to decide who and then take measurements so it's not suitable.

This one's a definite. Compact to pack, no risk of finishing it halfway through the holiday, interesting enough to not get bored. I don't think it's one for the beach though so I'll need another project.

So, I'll be back in just over a week, hopefully with something to show for my time away.

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