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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Socks with issues

I'm stalling on two different pairs of socks at the moment because they have issues. Most of the socks I've knit before have been stocking stitch or rib. They are very easy, very quick and can be made to fit my feet without too much effort. It's no hassle to decrease or increase a few stitches where necessary and as they are so quick, if they don't fit perfectly it doesn't bother me. I don't feel I've wasted any time and enjoy wearing them anyway. I love handknitted socks as they keep my feet much warmer than shop bought socks. It's a combination of the wool contecnt and they don't dig into my calf the way elasticated socks do. The blood can keep flowing and my toes stay toasty.

However, after all these simple socks, I was ready for a fresh challenge. Who isn't tempted by all the stunning designs on offer by Cookie A and Stephanie van der Linden for example in Twist Collective, or Knitty or all over the web. Well I've yielded to temptation but also severely slowed my sock output. There seems to be a trade off between a pattern being great to look at, fun to knit and fun to wear. I know when I'm finished both these patterns I will love how they look (as long as I can persuade them to fit) but will I ever get that far?

I've finished the first of Blossom. The yarn is beautiful, the colour beautiful, the pattern beautiful also. But the fit?

Well, it's not dreadful but the heel is wrong and the ankle saggy and the calf was too tight so I reknit it - now a bit sloppy.

I started Blossom months ago, in the beginning of March, but it's always been slow progress. A simple pair of socks would only take me two weeks. The construction is fascinating but makes altering the fit more complicated and the pattern is a blessing and a curse. I'll see if the second sock is more successful before I make decisions about altering the first.

Vilai: looks stunning.
But I've got too many stitches on the foot and now have to make a decision. Do I decrease some more or switch to smaller needles or both? Otherwise, I'll be left with about an inch of extra material around the foot.
Oh, I know the real problem: I'm too impatient to finish to take time to make sure the socks fit properly. It's not really a fault of either design. I'm just too impatient to figure out a solution.

Countdown to holiday: 4 days to go!

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At 4:25 PM, Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

You are my comrade in socks - at least when I knit socks or anything.

Patience is not my strong suit. By the way, is there any sock yarn you seriously desire? I'm going to sell some but thought you might like dibs on whatever you can't get in the UK.


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