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Monday, October 17, 2011

Totally distracted

I've been totally distracted by Up For Hire Live.  I tuned in as I read that Lush will feature tomorrow.  It's fascinating me at the moment.  There are four young people, two of which are graduates.  They all want work and through this week will be shown progressing from minimum wage menial jobs through to being the CEO.  I feel real sympathy for Kirstie who feels cheated that she has put herself through university and now has no prospects.  She's worked menial jobs and is now frustrated and depressed.  Her first task was to be a clown at an amusement park.  I think that's a very difficult job unless you're naturally bubbly and relaxed around people.  She came across as feeling she had some kind of entitlement to a better job and let's be frank, that's what the govenment claims.  Two entrepeneurs in the audience dug into her and said they wouldn't employ anyone who wasn't willing to work in the warehouse. Well, I'm very fortunate as I'm not willing to work in the warehouse.  I was very lucky when I left university as it didn't take me long to get an entry level job in my chosen field.  I've had different jobs but there are some I'd have to think twice about whether I could go back to them if I ended up out of work.  Poor Kirstie is onto her second film clip and is now being shown to not be a team player.  I often claim to not be a team player.  These four young people are really having a hard time of it but at least some of them accept that these different experiences can teach them something.  Ooh, now Sasha is having an amazing strop as she was criticized.  I remember having a very high opinion of myself and finding criticism really hard to take.  Fortunately, I didn't get criticised often, haha! But I wouldn't shout and stomp away.  Russell Kane is talking plenty of sense, as is Stacey Solomon.  This is a great show. There definitely seems to be a theme of the young people feeling there is something unfair out there.  Perhaps this is the real problem, that they haven't had the chance to learn from a work environment and grow up beyond a kevin and perry attitude.



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