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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ishbel scarf

 There are over 10,000 Ishbels on Ravelry. I'm not saying I'm the last person to cast-on but I'm happily behind the trend.  I finished the st-st section very quickly, only getting confused at the end as odd numbered rows were WS where I'm used to them being RS.  I just managed to squeeze out chart A using the grey I had left from the hat.  Now, I'm using red and have finished Chart B. I can't really tell how big it is as the needle I'm using is short.

 I've had two parcels in two days and two trips to the post office depot to fetch them.  One reunited me with Bob, a blanket which I'll show you again tomorrow.  The other was some rainbow coloured yarn for a new commission.  I'm looking forward to winding it and swatching it this afternoon on the train to see my friends.
Did I mention:
わたし は じゅいちがつなのか にほん に いきます!!!!

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