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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My current obsession

Every so often I become obsessed with something I want to buy.  Previous items have included Lorna's Laces sock yarn, the original ipod, a wii fit, lantern moon needles, a laptop, a ds, a 3ds.  Mostly they are gadget type items and mostly I've been very pleased with them.  (The wii fit, not so much).  I didn't get an ipod until recently but I do love it and I managed to circumvent the obsession by arranging for my boss (back in 2004) to be bought one from the company for his big 5-0.

My current obession is a Kobo e-reader.  I wasn't interested in e-readers until recently and then I only considered a Kindle.  I do have a mild amazon obsession and the kindle is always on the homepage saying buyme buyme.  I hadn't twigged until I saw one that it was electronic ink, a scientific development I had read about when I was in school in the 90's, reading New Scientist and generally interested in sciencey stuff. I think it's amazing that it has been followed through to a mass marketed product that you see everywhere on the tube on a day out in London.  I sometimes speculate that if I kept up with running training, I could simply go to London and steal a Kindle (and maybe an ipad too) at rush hour but that would be mean. anyways, I was put off buying an e-reader of any kind as I don't oftenbuy books - I read library books of my sister gives me hers.  Sometimes I buy a few from charity shops to take on holiday and then I can leave them behind if my suitcase is too full of get a new one in a book exchange. Even though my local library does lend e-books, the Kindle is not compatible.  So, I gave up on that idea, bought a print version of the Rough Guide to Japan and lugged it round the islands for two weeks in my backpack, sometimes with a charity shop book in my bag aswell.  Cor blimey, guv, my bag was super heavy.   I think I must have come back from that trip stronger but a Kobo would have saved my back some hard labour and my sister wouldn't have had to ration her book reading.

The Kobo is available in different colours and does accept library books.  Its price seems to have been vastly reduced which always kick starts an obsession as it feeds into my that's-such-a-bargain-it-might-sell-out-buy-it-now reflex. I would like a white one with a blue back.  I don't have any holidays planned though so I can't justify it, even though I would be able to put pdf knitting patterns on it and that will always seem justifiable.  I'm still paying for the trip to Japan and then I want to start saving for a house, which will mean not having any holidays for a looooooong time.

ETA OMLG it's like it knew I was talking about it and has knocked another £10 off the price! I don't know if I can resist much longer...

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