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Friday, March 24, 2006

Noblin Design - I Love Mum (Mother's Day Surprise)

Here is another Noblin Design, coming free to you over the magic of the internet. It was originally written for CyberFyber but as Mother's Day is on Sunday and Jeni is super busy with other things, we agreed I'd publish it here.

Obviously, if you are my mother, stop reading now.

The pattern is a knitted version of a hand made card because we all know mums appreciate it when we make the effort of making something. I originally wrote two charts but I'm only showing one here. I also show some of my progress on my very own attempt.

Tip 1: Don't use cotton
Tip 2: Use colours which contrast more

I've only used and charted two colours but as this is excellent for using up leftovers, you could go to town with the colour scheme. I would like to do a sunset effect in the background with the M in white or even black. Also, I wrote the pattern to be understandable for people who had not used charts before. Please don't hate me for dumbing down. I'm not Radio 1 Newsbeat.

I Love Mum

Pattern for Mother’s Day Cards

A Noblin design for Noblin Knits

Small amounts of double knitting weight yarn in pink and white or your mum’s favourites

1 pair of 4mm needles

1 piece of A4 card for each Mother’s Day Card required

Gauge: 22sts and 30 rows to 10cm
It is not essential to achieve the exact gauge for this pattern but any changes will alter the fit of the knitted piece to the card


Cast on 33 sts using 4mm needles and main colour (shown in pink squares).

Begin knitting from chart (click the link below). The first row is read from right to left. The second row is read from left to right. The pink squares mean knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side using the pink yarn (or whichever colour your mum likes). The white squares mean knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side using the white yarn (again, your choice). Carry the yarn you are not using loosely at the back of the work*. If you are new to reading charts you may find the instructions for Row 3 written out in full helpful:

Row 3: k1 pink, (k1 white, k2 pink) 10 times, k1 white, k1 pink
I Love Mum Chart
*The chart is designed for the Fair Isle method rather than Intarsia method of colour knitting.

Cast off
Weave in ends
Block/press lightly

Fold card in half. Glue knitting to front. Add a special message and some chocolates (optional).

My Progress

My progress 1

My Progress 2

My Progress 3 (including Noblin fingers)

Can you see the resemblence?


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Annarella said...

Great to see you yesterday! I've added you to my blogs list, so be prepared to be cyberstalked ;)

Have a great day with your mum xxx


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