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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blog etiquette

If, by any chance you think that the list of blogs in my sidebar is a complete representation of all the blogs I read, you are very mistaken. The problem is, I keep adding more and more. I have just trawled my way through all of them (Tuesday and Friday are catch up days for me) and I am feeling really sore in both hands. I have the mouse on my left today and I have been doing some stretches but I think some things need to change.

I have been learning some keyboard shortcuts to help out as mousing is a real strain but what I'm really thinking is the blog list should be shortened. Culled. Snipped. In a merciless fashion. Oh, but I just feel mean! Worse than cutting people of a Christmas Card list.

For example, this is the first blog I ever found. It has sentimental value but I don't find it that interesting any more. Or this, which is rarely updated but I'm interested in the yarn. What if something really exciting happens that I don't get to hear about?

I tried to sort my favourites list a bit but got bored part of the way through so now I'm really confused and can't find anything. Hahahahahah. This means more mouse clicking. Of mice and men, I guess.

New plan: put all the blogs I really, really love that get updated frequently, onto my sidebar. Then get rid of some. Then, dither about the rest.



At 12:33 PM, Blogger Chris F-J said...

I would say, sort out your favourites folder.

At 6:53 PM, Blogger ysolda said...

i use bloglines to keep track of the blogs I read. Better than putting them in your favourites because you can see instantly which have been updated.


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