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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

On Sunday

Wash Blowdry
I finished off the mother's day card. It required a wash and blowdry but still wasn't as good looking as I'd hoped. The colour work on the outer edges was distorted. I think this was partly because I'm not that experienced at colour work, partly due to using inelastic cotton and partly due to the pattern. I'll make a few alterations and post them up soon.
New RecruitGeographic Crochet
I taught my sister to crochet on Sunday. This was a case of the one-eyed man being king because I have very little experience or knowledge of crochet. I was pretty impressed when I left her making a rectangle to come back and find England and Scotland.
Montezumas Organic Lush Life
Here's some chocolate made to my mum's specifications (dark with crystallised lemon pieces) and my mum opening her present. She's great and seemed to enjoy herself. She even managed to sneak a knitting magazine of mine into her handbag without my dad noticing.


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