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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of Physio and Socks and Exciting News

First the exciting news:

Look who is Pattern of the Month at Yarnsmith!

Next: Physio Update

I have a very nice physiotherapist called Kate. I feel very lucky because I didn't have to wait very long to see her and she really wants me to get back to knitting. On the other hand, I depress her because I'm not improving and I have exams in June that I need to get back to full power writing for. One row forward, two rows back. I am officially allowed to write for 10minutes per day and knit for 10minutes every other day for two weeks. It all seems a bit pointless given I spend at least 6hours per day using the computer but I'll try.

The knitting machine has been a bit neglected since I made the baby tank but when Susan came round and wanted to see it in action, it sparked my interest again. I've been reluctant to start making socks with it as it can't rib. It can produce a mock rib hem, which I worked on on Wednesday.

Cast-on 20 rows of hem
First, 16 stitches are cast on using every other needle. 20 rows are worked giving a very neat stocking stitch with ladders effect. To the untrained eye, the ladders look a bit like the purl bumps.
Picking up the other 16 stitches Hem complete
When the 20 rows are finished, the bottom of the hem is brought up and 16 stitches are picked up from the cast on edge.

Now we have 32 stitches and we knit some more. Tonight, some shaping begins.

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