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Monday, March 27, 2006


I went to The Craft and Stitch show at Olympia on Saturday and had a lovely time. There weren't many knitting related stalls but I met up with lots of friends, including some from Angelknits.

Here is Erssie, keeping an eye on the Castoff stand and everyone's bags. I had a look at the Hipknits, Getknitted and Silkwood Angora stands and then went off to be researched on by Jeni for Stitchlinks.

Silkwood Angoras

At the silkwood stand, I got chatting to Nic, whose handspun is beautiful and who makes wonderful scarf kits by the name Nickerjak.

Here are Chris and Cath taking part in the research that will see knitters being employed by the NHS to make everone's lives better. Or something similar.

I don't know the answers

Knitting makes me happy

Stitchlinks and Fyberspates yarn

It was the first real meeting with Jeni, we have been emailing for a while, so going out for dinner together was an added bonus.

Lovely dinner, great companyHere we all are: Anna, Erssie, Jeni, Me and Cath.

Anna makes fantastic stitchmarkers and Jeni dyes fantastic yarn and whoopsy, I bought a few things from both. I'll add some pictures later.

Cheesy Noblin Grins

Cheesy Noblin Grins


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