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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Does yarn take up more space when it's knitted...

... or more space when it's still in hanks?

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the booties pattern. Don't forget to send me some pictures when you make them!

I am sitting in the room which was my brother's bedroom and then my sister's and is now the study in my parents' house. I moved out of my flat yesterday, two weeks in advance of leaving the country for a worldwide yarn tour. I have been concentrating on worrying about packing up the flat so now is my first real chance to worry about how I'll cope. How do you prepare for spending 10 months away from family? Is it better not to worry and just accept that they will all be fine when you get back? I'm really excited about going travelling but I get homesick after two weeks.

I finally made it to Stash last weekend and stayed for hours. It is so lovely there.
I purchased four hanks of yarn for specific projects while travelling. Here is my packing inventory (begging the question about space)

6 * 100g SWTC bamboo for a twinset - I bought these last year and must must must use them
7 * 50g (or is it 100g?) mohair for a jumper - a gift I was given last year for my birthday and the finished jumper might be useful for cold Japan
2 * 50g alpaca and silk for Dana Victoria wrist warmers - from Stash and the pattern is by Robbyn
300g sock yarn for me and the husband - the husband's socks are cream organic wool from Garthenor and mine is self striping

Chris is now saying we will have to post some of the yarn onwards to Kathmandu but how will I choose which to send?


At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Annarella said...

I *think* skeins would take up less space, although I'm not sure why, however I'd wind them up in ready-to-knit balls before packing, so they're ready whenever it takes your fancy. Was that your question? I forget now! ;)

I can understand why you'd think you'll miss your family, but wait until you start enjoying yourself, you'll have such a wonderful holiday, you'll hardly have the time to think of anybody back home :)

At 8:09 AM, Blogger theflynnmeister said...

hmmm interesting. Maybe could assign each ball a finger web and for each web you manage to papaer cut then you can take that ball?

now go forth with your weak lemon drink, and dink I tell you. Drink it all down.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

I've traveled with over 5 kilos of yarn from Argentina over to the United States of America this past June. Though the yarn in hank form did take up alot of space, they were squishy enough to be stuffed in with clothes and other things in my bag. However I would suggest having a completly different bag just for the knitting.

That's cool that you're travelling for 10 months. May I ask where do you plan on going and why?

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Nickerjac said...

I think the hanks are more flexible and can be stuffed into allsorts of corners as for which one to send on I would say it would depend on the weather and how warm it is going to be where you are going as I wouldn't fancy knitting mohair in really hot weather.


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