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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Noblin FO - Secret Wedding Shawl and Scarf Part 2

Shawl Details
Shawl Details
The SWS was finished on Thursday night. I sent Chris away for the evening so I could focus on finishing it off. I was fed up with it hanging over me and I wasn't that pleased with how it looked. I kept saying, oh I'd better work on the SWS tonight and then finding house moving things to do instead. Ok, so actually I'd watch videos but the idea is there.

I sat myself down, determined to get past the block of being near the end of a project and worrying it won't turn out as well as planned. Finishing off the embroidery didn't take as long and wasn't as difficult as I'd thought which cheered me up. The look of the shawl, though, still didn't please me so I pushed on through and started the tassles. Oh the tassles! They transformed the shawl! I was so excited, especially when I tried it on and the alpaca softness cuddled me up. I was so pleased, I took it to bed with me to cuddle! I really didn't want to give it away. The shawl went from something I didn't want to look at to being the best thing I've ever made! I feel like I'm saying that a lot lately. Well, the shawl usurps the cardigan but only because I feel proud that I designed it from scratch. It's not exactly how I wanted it to look - I was let down by my embroidery skills - but is a very good representation. I really tested myself on it (it was a big project) and am very pleased with the finished product.

Um, who made that mess?

Then came the need for wrapping up, the need for throwing all my wrapping up collection onto the table and using the bag the wrapping up collection lives in as the bag to give the gifts in. You'll be pleased to know I tidied up before I left and did the washing up and was not late. I teased Chris with that photo, though, teehee.

Shawl Wrapped Up

The only thing that upsets me now about the shawl and scarf is that I don't feel I managed to get any really good pictures. How do you capture the whole garment and the detail aswell? I concluded the shawl needed to be modelled so we had a photo shoot at dusk, with the happy couple.

In the final instalment:

Noblin FO - Secret Wedding Shawl and Scarf Part 3

Opening the gifts!


At 10:38 AM, Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

The embroidered shawl is just loverly! And it has my favorite shade of blue.


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