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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Keep plodding on

Just for the record, I do not hate my mother.

Another thing, I have not yet put the leaf pattern up for Bev.

Also, I had a comment from Noblinpa asking why he never gets mentioned.

The last few posts didn't get labelled so I think I'll go back and edit them.

I've developed a bad habit of giving knitted gifts away without getting proper photos of them. Shedir has been finished and posted and received so you won't be seeing that for a while. I'll try to get a modelled shot when I'm visiting Aunty again. I missed my chance this weekend but was very busy. I stayed with my sister and managed to get you some pictures of the hat I made my nephew for his 1st birthday. It is a Lucinda Guy pattern but I changed the yarn and colours as the ones in the book weren't available. It is adorable, especially when being wrenched off the young one's head.

Nephew in hat

Close up

I have made progress on my parts of Aunty's blanket. My sister and mum have aswell but they deserve their own post after I have blocked the squares which got very crumpled in my suitcase.

Centre Square

On one of the long sections, I knitted too far and had to undo several inches.

Last weekend, we saw the inlaws for an opera and a wedding. It was all very fun and tiring so then I slept late for a few days.

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At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Chris Flynn-Jones said...

That's a nice blanket covering the noblie. I wonder who knitted that.

At 5:39 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

I love the blue dress you wore to the wedding. It complements your skin very well. Plus the knitted items you do have displayed look good too!


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