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Friday, May 16, 2008

Amazing husband socks

Special post by Chris, Abi's hubbie.


Here they are, at last. Yes there are two of them (socks not husbands):


But I couldn't take a photo of both of them at the same time on my feet since I was outside, using a clothed- but quite weak table as my photography prop, and was all on my own. So just one sock on and photographed at a time was my limit.


I'm so lucky! Custom made socks. I had to erm well be quietly persistent in reminding Abi about knitting MY socks next!


After the first one was finished, I did actually refuse to wear it for any period of time, aware that this would perhaps encourage Abi to knit me a second one too! As if someone would just knit one of a pair. I would never do that, say, with gloves in Japan (and essentially refuse to do more than 2 rows of rib leaving the rest up to poor old Abi).

Thank you very much my love. Here is one of the finest flowers of the season yet:


P.S. they are wonderful to wear xxx

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