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Monday, September 07, 2009

Progress, but not as we know it

I've been struck down with a stinking cold so spent the last 72 hours on the sofa watching dvds and knitting. I can't really show you what I've knitted as it's for a magazine around Christmas 2009 but so far it is kicking my butt over the edge into madness. After 72 hours of not achieving very much, I thought I could feel pleased that I had finished both sleeves. At 10.30 last night, I compared them to make sure the length was the same. Dammit though - I'd used different numbers of stitches on each so one is wider than the other.

Well, this photo cheers me up:

It's more knitting from my trip to Portugal. My sister liked to have afternoon sleeps so while she napped, I knitted*. I over estimated how much I could get done on holiday (as always) so I printed out extra charts to take with me which I didn't get anywhere near. I've made it to row 103 now (out of 295584) and am counting stitches after every pattern row. In my first knitting session on holiday, I knitted 3.5 pattern rows before realising I had made a mistake on the 2nd one so spent longer tinking that day than I had knitting. The time it takes to count each row is definitely less than any tinking time. Of course, I haven't made a mistake since. That's life.

*If only it was Estonian lace, then I could have said, while she napped, I nupped. Maybe I'll have to hold onto that for another holiday.



At 4:27 PM, Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

napped / nupped = very clever!


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