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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've made a start on my Christmas 2009 knitting. I've tried to be very sensible about how many presents I plan to knit this year. I was going to stick to two pairs of adult socks but then I added in two pairs of children's socks too and have brought the deadline for one pair of socks forward to the beginning of December for the Elfyn's 30th. Mwahahahahha. She will be 30.

Here is the swatch for the Elfyn's 2009 Celebration socks:

Um, how can I have waited this long to knit with Unicorns? It is GORGEOUS. I'm trying to guess what it's made of based on how much I like knitting with it. I have a feeling there is some alpaca, angora and silk in there but my friend at knitting last night threw Quviut into the ring. Who knoes, but it's very soft and makes my eyes itch ever so slightly.

Last Friday, my friend Susan visited. I haven't seen her for ages and we first met at a knitting group in London. She arrived at 11am and left at 9pm and we pretty much knitted and talked non-stop (and ate Oreos) the whole time. It's amazing how much Celebration sock can be knitted in 10 hours.

I'm using 2mm dpns and Cookie A's Angee pattern. It calls for completely different yarn and gauge (I've got 40 sts to 10 cm) so I've changed it to toe up so I can check the fit and use up as much Unicorn as possible. I've ordered some more needles so Elfyn can try it on now I've turned the heel. There's always a risk of snapping or bending dpns when trying socks on so I prefer to knit a round on a circular needle for trying on purposes. I used to slip all the stitches to scrap yarn but that was a bit fiddly and I'm impatient.

I've also knitted one nephew sock using Koigu and 2.5mm needles and finished the Blossom socks apart from a bit of weaving in ends. I have no idea where my darning needles are.

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