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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Let's Knit Issue 35

Here I am modelling my new pattern. It's a cricket style low fronted v neck sweater made in local wool from Aragon Yarns. It can be found in the latest issue of Let's Knit.

I have internet at home again. I switched provider and after a slight hiccup with the modem being delivered to the wrong address, it was all smoothly installed last night. It has a nice blue light to let me know I'm connected to the internet and not hallucinating. Now I'm seriously considering upgrading my laptop to one with a bigger screen and a bigger memory and faster processor. Bigger and faster. I've almost decided which one I want and can even get a trade in on my (really) old one. I'm just being put off slightly by the thought of having to back everything up. I have an extra hard drive to back up to and I should do that anyway as I'm trying be grown up and get organised so it's just laziness really. That's always holding me back. I'm sure I could run the world if I wasn't so lazy - or at least have a new laptop. I was also quite impressed at how well my old little laptop is working , now that I've threatened it with being replaced, when its specs are soooooo far below those of the one I want to buy. I think it might have been quite expensive when I first bought it. It's even got a touch screen - you see, I was ahead of my time.

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