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Monday, October 03, 2011

Wedding blankets!

 The newlyweds arrived back to glorious July sunshine in October so we all met up for a barbecue.  And blanket presentation! My sister and I managed to give them away when we saw how pleased the recipients were.  I didn't even consider stealing mine back before I left.
 Of course, it wasn't the best weather for snuggling under a blanket but we tried anyway.
Their living room is split level which makes it excellent for photographing illusion knitting. My sister's boyfriend had a slight eureka moment and claims to have been able to see it clearly for the first time.

The blankets were 3 squares by 4 and although I didn't measure it, nearly 5 feet long.
We haven't decided if we're going to knit each other our own ones for xmas, but we are considering it. Although, each blanket took over 2 months of solid work so we'd have to start very soon for this year.  They are totally brilliant though.

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