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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hat progress and tidying up

I decided to have a tidy up of my hair, makeup and jewellary in preparation for xmas i.e. I want to buy myself lots of new stuff.  As with all the other times I've tried to tidy, everything gets worse before it gets better. I started yesterday and I've set myself a deadline of finishing by the end of today otherwise I'll just live with hairclips on my floor - I am that naughty. I've already been reunited with many pairs of earrings that I had forgotten about or thought I only had one of.  This is better than having to buy new ones!

I'm nearly finished on the Japan hat.  I'm not sure whether to finish the top in red or just keep going with the grey. I'm not working on it everyday for fear of fluff but I actually think it's using the computer too much that is killing my eyes.  I didn't log on at all yesterday and my eyes are much less red today.  I'm going to buy some eye drops and try to blink more and play less adventure world.

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