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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snow and a hangover

I spent most of the weekend being anxious about the promised snow and how it would affect my weekend plans.  I did alter them but I saw all the people I planned to and didn't skid off the road and land in a ditch.  I did skid a little but today the roads weren't too bad - the snow had been churned up and was at least melted in tracks across  roads I drove on.  Last night, I went out for a friend's birthday and stayed up horribly late, walked around in the snow and threw snowballs.  It was good fun.  Tonight, I expect I'll leave my heating on so I can dry my washing that I should have done on Friday and not wake up from the chilly temperatures.

I've dug out the back and front of a jumper I made years ago to see if it will make a lovely tank top instead.  I found a hole when I was blocking it so set about fixing it.  I don't know if it was a good idea to add to all the wet laundry in my house but it's cold and anything that's made of wool is welcome at the moment.



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