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Monday, August 20, 2012

McAfee killed my internet...

...but my dad fixed it :)

It seems McAfee can be a bit sensitive and on Saturday, after it updated, it came upon an infallible way of stopping me downloading any malicious software.  It stopped me getting online at all.  My dad spent many hours first figuring out the problem, then carefully removing McAfee so it didn't cause more damage and putting on AVG.  It's a shame, as I don't think MacAfee is that well known for this problem as I don't think it's that prevalent.  My dad only found one example online of someone else who had the same issue, back in June, so I think I was unlucky.

I have finished the Echo Flower Shawl and it is beyootiful.  I even wore it on Sunday but didn't take any photos.  I have started something new, even though I was planning to finish an old project first. I went to see my mum on Saturday, and took her Rock Island round to start.  I think I'm half way through the first edging - I have to work 71 repeats in total so better get back to it.

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