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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I've started the edge chart on Echo Flower Shawl and now I'm into the real meat of it - nupps.  They are bobbles worked over two rows and are one of the trademarks of Estonian lace.  (I don't know what the others are but I imagine there are more than one.) Nupps are incredibly time consuming and run a certain degree of risk - if you get it wrong on the RS, you're going to struggle on the WS.  I decided to work 9 stitch nupps which means in one stitch I knit, yo, knit, yo, knit, yo, knit, yo, knit, then continue as usual.  On the WS row I purl all of those 9 together, making sure not to miss any as this leaves straggly loops hanging around.  On the first row with nupps, I worked them loosely but it turned out they needed to be a bit looser to make the p9tog less of a drama.  On the first row with p9tog, I averaged somewhere between 7 and 8, so had to go back and pass some extra loops over the worked stitch.  Last night I managed two rows in the whole evening of knitting.  Tonight, I had to work two nupps for every repeat, and take extra care to keep them loose, so I only managed one RS row and less than half of the WS.  I'm also finding the silk tough going so my arms need some stretching and maybe a break tomorrow. 



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