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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Very much over the olympics

I overdid the olympics last week, tried to watch everything at once, surfeited, and became so sick of it I didn't even watch Lochte race. I'm even over Lochte. I tuned in only a little to keep track of Jess Ennis, but mostly read a book*. Remember, Jenny is a mindworm. I really want to finish my Echo Flower Shawl but each rows takes forever and regardless of how little I'm now watching the olympics, I've less than a week to finish my socks.

I went to Balham yesterday to collect some old belonging that had been in storage care of a very good friend for several years.  There were old photos, paints, and books in there, even older photos and a few things that didn't belong to me.  So a box went in the bin, a box went to the charity shop and a suitcase came back home full when it had left empty.  I have to post a few things to the person they belong to or I could bin them.  I'm 80% devided on what I'll do.

*The woman Who Died A Lot, Jasper FForde

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