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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Echo Flower Shawl

Sometimes when I wake up in the night, I'm not fully awake. Like last night, I remember closing the window so the talking bees couldn't come in.

I hurt my leg on Tuesday so have booked an appointment with the GP as there seems to be a recurring shin problem that is stopping me from dancing and running, and at the moment even walking hurts.  So more days on the sofa, gradually expanding and feeling lethargic.  I think I'll have to focus just on walking as exercise as soon as this injury starts to clear up, and put aside my desire to get back to running. sad face.

Pn the other hand, knitting makes me happy.  I've been staring at a computer screen a bit too much today, with work and extra work for my friend, but I've got the rest of the evening to stare at the tv while knitting instead. I started Echo Flower Shawl with my steeplechase yarn and it's a very relaxed knit.  The main pattern is only 8 rows long and only the right sides are pattern rows.  I've completed 3 repeats already, making great use of all the new stitch markers.  Okay, some of the new stitch markers but I've plenty more repeats to come so will be using many more.  It's just aswell as plans are afoot to buy even more, just because I can. I may also have been spending money at a certain boutique knitting shop in London but that will have to wait for another day.



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