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Friday, July 13, 2012

Something I knew but didn't understand

When my aunty saw my red Percy, I think for the first time I really impressed her. She said it looked like a cobweb and she'd have one in black with black beads. Whilst I've knitted for her before, I'm not sure she's asked me for anything before so I was very happy to oblige. Finding black yarn was a bit of a challenge but I plumped for 100g Grignasco Merino Silk 2ply from Violet Green. I haven't knitted much with lace weight but I knew it commanded serious respect from other knitters and I'm all about the glory. I knew it was finer than the sock yarn I'd used for the previous percys. So, perhaps some part of my brain knew the finished shawl would be much finer. And, I knew I'd used about 50g of yarn so it would be half the weight of my Percy. But then, knowing isn't the same as understanding.
I'm now concerned it's too nice. Too fine. Too unsubstantial. I'm worried my aunt won't dare wear it for fear of it floating away in the breeze or disintegrating between her fingers, because that's certainly how I feel when I hold it.  It is beautiful though.

I'll take it round and see what she thinks.  If she likes it then I hope she can wear it every day, and if she doesn't like it, I hope she says so as then I can make her another one, no I'm not bored of Percy yet, and keep this one for myself. And then I'll take up flamenco dancing.

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