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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Part 1

On Tuesday, I went to Angelknits and had a great time. Some weeks, it's such a chore, dragging myself down to the pub, but I always enjoy seeing everyone and catching up with them. I knitted a small beaded leaf and chatted with some newcomers.

On Wednesday, my sister came to play. We wandered around Covent Garden and chanced upon Pineapple Studios, which she had mentioned wanting to see. We went to Dancing in the Streets in the evening, which was brilliant fun. I knew most of the motown songs and sang very loudly.

On Thursday, we toured round Marylebone High Street including Le Pain Quotidien and the Cath Kidstone shop. We trekked through Regent's Park and home via the canal.

On Friday, I took Hannah to experience Yo Sushi for the first time. I wanted to go back today, it is such fun. We wandered to Montezuma's and bought some Easter goodies.


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