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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rose tinted weekend

I have had a lovely weekend. Absolutely wonderful! It started with a relaxed Friday night watching A Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis and Samuel L Jackson. I mean, they starred in the film, they weren't round my house watching it with me. It's funny and violent and very silly.

Saturday day morning dawned bright and anxious as I find packing incredibly traumatic (one mini panic attack ensued) but eventually all relevent pyjamas, clean clothes, creams, lotions, snack foods and travelcards were in the backpacks and we were off to Tring to see the countryside and our friend, Rosie.

We walked from Tring station and the weather and scenery were lovely. We met a couple of horses along the way and stopped for the obligatory wee break.Lunch

Hello lovely house! What a fantastic lunch. Gluten free pasta, tomato sauce, salad. YUm YUm.

The three of us
Manor House
After a long and relaxed lunch we trotted off to Waddesdon Manor. We were too late to go in the house but it was such a beautiful day we enjoyed the grounds and the cafes.

I was treated to an ice cream and a pot of tea and a cake and crisps on the way home.

FountainJumping NoblinNoblins like junk food.

The grounds

We then swung by the video shop and watched Broken Flowers with Bill Murray.

Something noblins really like about going to people's houses is seeing their bosses:
Noblin cuddleGreat friends

We all know who's in charge here.

Tank update: The sock yarn baby tank is ready to have its ends woven in and then to be seamed. It might be in time for a young man I'm meeting next week.

Tank in pieces


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Annarella said...

The tank looks so sweet! :)


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