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Thursday, June 29, 2006

SWS Update

Given that the wedding is on Sunday, I thought I'd let you see what I've been up to. Personally, I think it looks a bit naf at the moment as the leaves are just randomly applied. I'm going to embroider some vines on tonight which should make it look a bit more coherent. Then, the tassles can be added on Sunday during the day. The do on Sunday is an evening affair so there shouldn't be any problems with this last minute plan! I'm wondering if I can display the shawl as my entry for the talent show.

The husband's scarf is on row 403 of 480 and Nashville is not happy. I'm worried that the more we force Nashville to work, the more damaged he might get. It's possible we'll call it a day early and stretch the scarf when blocking.

On Saturday, I'm going to meet my new nephew and I'm very excited. I'm making him a little jumper which I hope to have finished in time. Pictures of all his presents tomorrow!


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