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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conversations with a knitter

I'm not sure what it is about knitting that makes one ultra approachable. When I sit and knit, and whenever I'm out in public, I try to make myself look as unapproachable as possible. This includes large bags, earphones, sunglasses/hat if I'm outside and at least two, if not five, sharp implements (knitting needles). So, when people go out of their way to strike up a conversation based on knitting, I try not to be too rude in case I give public knitters a bad name.

Today, I was sitting in the British Museum when a mild looking security guard started. It began innocently enough:

Security Guard (SG): Ooh, what are you making?

Me: Booties

SG: I used to knit .....

The "I used to knit" line is pretty standard. However, the conversation continues:

SG: What star sign are you?

ME: Cancer

SG: I seem to meet a lot of cancers lately. One asked me out.

Me: Hmphfgh

I suppose at this point, I'm getting a little annoyed. A few questions is fine but he keeps on ( I admit, my brain is addled from the exams and I might have exacerbated the problem by volunteering information):

Me: I used to sit in the Parthenon galleries and knit socks.

SG: I've spoken to you before. How long have you been coming here? 5 years?

Me: No

SG: 3 years? I probably spoke to you 3 years ago.

Me: No, like 1 year

Please bear in mind, we had never spoken before. I'm feeling a bit stupid for continuing the conversation and telling him things like where I work and stuff but I figure, I have the sharp objects; the balance of power is in my hands.

Fortunately, the security guards rotate a lot so they only do each section for 1 week in 7 so I'm pretty safe from him for the next 6 weeks.

The booties I was knitting are an adaptation on the Debbie Bliss ones which ended up as:


which I shall show you more of later. I fit 2 year olds


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha...funny conversation. sometimes i think that strangers just want to talk to someone, so they try to feign interest in anything that you could possibl be doing! thanks for reading my blog!

At 2:59 PM, Blogger lauren said...

that wasnt an anonymous comment!

<3 lauren


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