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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Here is a beautiful view from my window.
Sunset Here is a view of my beautiful neice's cardigan.
Cashmerino Aran Here is a view of the SWS blocking process.
Lift and separate Here is some beautiful banana fibre yarn, hand dyed by Kerrie at Hipknits and soon to be on sale.
Going bananas Several months ago, when Kerrie was organising her new premises, she asked if there were any yarns we would like to see available as she would be able to extend her range.

I had long been looking at the banana palm yarn on Yarn Traders when I was searching for ecological yarns (like hemp and bamboo, for example). I'd completely forgotten about it until she emailed me offering me a sample. Look at the stunning colour. It is completely jewel like and gorgeous. I'm not sure whether it is soft enough to wear. I will swatch and wash and maybe try an Annarella bra test. It is softer than it looks but a little fibrous. If it's not wearable, I will make a little bag for a certain young neice who I rather like to knit for. She is overdue a present as the cardigan shown above was originally for Christmas but then the RSI hit and I became despondant. Then the Colinette cardigan took over as the deadline for it was February 28th - I finally finished that on June 4th!

*Congratulations to my sister and her boyfriend who have had a baby boy. Frantic button on bootie action will commence in my lunch break.


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