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Friday, June 16, 2006

What I've been doing

While I was studying, I did pay some attention to knitting. I worked on the SWS, making some leaves


I had some Colinette Giotto left over from a cardigan project which has shades of cream, pink and green in. I think these leaves will lift the shawl and make it a bit more feminine. The husband's scarf won't have any of the pinky ones though. I also had some strange fluffy grey stuff which is making very nice tactile leaves.

Super crummy photo - maybe it will be replaced one day but I doubt it. Really it's embarrassing. (Ok to apologise for this picture, I shall mention that I have a cardigan project due to be published on 1st July in Magknits and if the link I put in worked you can see when I blogged about it in March and the fact that it has been much delayed.)

The first section of the shawl was blocked. I spent ages threading the ribbon through the edges but in the end didn't need it. I suppose it's unnecessary unless you're blocking lace or really need some change in dimensions. I just wanted to reduce the curl. The alpaca gripped the wool rug well so no pins were needed either. I used a damp cloth and a steam iron and a tape measure. The middle of the strip started off about three cm narrower than the ends so I spent some time prodding and smooshing.


I also made a sneaky trip to Liberty to pick up some ribbon for making some labels for my hand knits. As I'd finished the little green booties and made a slight bodge on where the button hole is, I couldn't resist buying some special buttons. Celebrate the (accidental) design features! They are pale yellow squares. You may notice some pink buttons in the bag aswell. I have some fantastic sock yarn from Fyberspates in pink/orange/purple. You may remember I picked it up a little while ago.

*pause, scrabbling around to figure out how to link to archive page*

I plan to do some more machine knitting for some of the little girls in my life. Or maybe just make something for me!

I went out for sushi and was a little concerned I'd get food poisoning but figured if I can't eat strange stuff in my home country then how will I manage abroad? With that in mind, and the impending trip to Thailand and Japan, I sucked down a huge slab of raw tuna. I then felt v v queasy but ate some mackeral and salmon too AND horseradish which I normally hate. Which, I suppose indicates my feelings towards the raw tuna.

Sushi platter

Sushi Snacks

I ate this.

I'm off to see my fambly this weekend. It seemed like a good idea, after all the stress of the exams. My mum is making me a bolero for my birthday, using a pattern my friend Sian had published in Simply Knitting. We are both very excited.

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