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Friday, June 23, 2006

Blocking good time

The cashmerino aran cardigan had been blocked! I've seamed both sides and one arm. Any thoughts on the best seam for arms? It's knit upwards so I've backstitched to create a firm seam but it doesn't look very good to me. I like my knitting to appear seamless. Hmmm.

This weekend I am having a little party in the park for my birthday. You might think I had forgotten about the month of celebrations but no. Would you feel betrayed if I told you I had opened 4 presents without showing you them? I'll make a special effort and post at the weekend (something I don't tend to do as the husband is often demanding my attention).

Hmm, do you think by promising I'll post, I've just jinxed myself against it?

Happy weekend everyone!


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