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Friday, May 30, 2008

I've moved house...

... and it's all still in chaos and I keep losing sock needles in the debris. Aside from that, I'm doing very well and really enjoying having my own place again. We've filled up the courtyard with potted fruit and veg plants and some sweet peas. The beans and peas haven't sprouted yet as there's been very little sunshine since they were planted.

I'm trying my hand at submitting a pattern to a magazine so cross your needles for me!



At 6:52 PM, Blogger Erssie said...

Where are you? In Kent somewhere?
I am relieved you have moved and hope it brings happy knitting times (out in the courtyard in the summer) You are always most welcome to visit, and stay the night if needs be (and you want to go to any London events) as I have cleared my spare room....sort of and it has a bed for fairly non heavy people ( Steve's Mum, bowed the metal base with her weight...I daren't sleep on it but other people have)

I bought me shoes on line....first time I have ever done that and both pairs fit!

Do email me, I have some possible 'jobs' coming up if you are interested, including some more book pub work.

Yep, get back into the world of submissions. If you have any vintage, the Inside Loop are looking and there is the new magazine Knotions who are happy to put up your old Magknits pattern if you like (I did wait for Yarn Forward, but it looked like they were never going to do it and ignored my emails so submitted old Mag patterns to Knotions)

Don't forget to put up your individual patterns onto Ravelry as they can upload pdfs for you, if you have joined as a designer as well as a normal member, and people can search the pattern database find you and buy you!

Oh yeah, I am making some alpaca socks from Artesano, and I don't know how you ever managed! Maybe it is the newer 4ply yarn or something, but it is just so slippery it and insubstantial.
Did you double up yarns on heels and toes?

Generally, we should think up some business scheme for you involving your design because you are young, healthy and capable of building something up if you only work part time.

Whereas me, too ill to work FT on my own knit business and just wish I had all this available to me YEARS ago when I could have gone to town on promoting myself and getting a shop and business loan etc


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