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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Broadband and a desire for a blocking board


Knitting and chaos all over a dirty carpet? That must mean blocking.  I'm knitting a jumper in Fyberspates dyed DK yarn. It is crunchy and lovely and I think it is BFL.  I should probably know these things but right now it doesn't feel important as I am so close to making myself a lovely light weight jumper in happy inducing green.


Do you like the blocking process? I find that now I have some extra tools (blocking wires, plant spritzer, 1 billion pins) that it is easier but I've decided a proper blocking board with a marked grid for lining up all the bits that should be aligned is very important.  I bought a  notice board (pin board) that is 60cm by 90cm and showed it to my sister.  She has a recipe in a crochet book for making a blocking board which requires quilters' wadding and fabric to cover it so watch this space.



At 5:56 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

In fact I do enjoy blocking, especially lace because it's like a surprise with each project. I heard those blocking boards are pretty handy but as I am a cheap knitter (I use paper clips for stitch markers) I just pin my stuff on a towel on the floor. I have no complaints!


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