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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I sat down to blog but I'ves spent some very happy time browsing through the new issue of Twist Collective. I think I might try the Four Winds hat by Alasdair Post-Quinn. What a great name. It inspires me to change my surname to Post-Flynn.

I've made a few purchases, am plodding on with the Xmas knitting. Someone talk me out of it next year or at least make me start in March. I just want to knit something else - something that is not a sock and is for me. I have so many projects at vaious stages and would really like to see some being finished and worn. I had this great idea last Autumn to knit myself a cardigan and a jumper to wear to work when it got cold. I haven't finished the cardigan which was started months ago. When it was beginning to get cold last year and so many seasons have passed it is now time again to be craving more knitwear. I don't have an excuse. I'm not even really sure why I haven't finished. Did I get distracted or bored? I suppose partly I'm a bit nervous that I'll finish it and won't like it or it won't fit because as much as I believe in the science of knitting I know that I'm a bit haphazard when I knit and don't pay as much attention to sizing and patterns and schematics as perhaps I should. Could it be a little fear of failure? I'm trying to embrace failure more. I've started a dance class that I'm completely terrrible at because I know it will be good for me. I want to regain some of the coordination and fitness I've lost over the last decade and I want to meet new people and get out of the house in the evenings. I'd like to become a little more the person I used to think I was.

Some photos as I never like to leave you without photos.


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