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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today I posted my next and for the time being final project to Let's Knit (and I'm so excited about this one, I can't wait to see it in print). I haven't put in anymore submissions and I've not been struck by any inspiration for a magazine project so I've decided to work on something a bit more personal. It may turn into a pattern I sell but that isn't it's main purpose. I've been asked to be godmother to my friends' daughter and I've decided I want to knit her a pretty dress as a special gift, possibly on approval by the parents, for her to wear at her christening. Ok, ok, I confess, I daydream about swanning around at the christening, having people congratulate me on the stunning gown that I've created and could I possibly be their best friend and maybe be interviewed on tv and move to Hollywood and try to take over the world.


I'm also on a drive to not buy yarn. I have lots of yarn and also I buy lots of other things so in my infinite wisdom, if I don't buy any yarn then I must be saving money. My stash isn't huge, it's mostly sock yarn and there tends to be only one or two skeins of each type. My initial reaction to trying to use something in my stash is that I couldn't possibly have anything even remotely suitable and even if I did, I wouldn't want to risk running out part way through. It's true I almost gave up on the whole idea having gone through everything in my main chest of drawers but then inspiration hit and I looked in one of my other yarn boxes. You know, the one that doubles as a bedside table and is underneath another bin of yarn which has the bedside lamp on. That one. I fell upon this gorgeous yarn.

It's Scrumptious by Fyberspates and it certainly lives up to its name. Scrumptious is a silk and wool blend, so it's sheeny and soft and light. It was a gift from Jeni when I helped/hindered her tidying up her shed. I definitely helped her spend money in Ikea. I think it was a sample she had, I'm not sure it is an existing weight - perhaps a sport weight. I'm using 3mm needles and am aiming to make a dress to fit a 1yr old. She gave me enough for a jumper for me but it's been waiting for over two years to be knitted (I lovingly fondle it every so often) so this seemed like a very deserving project. I'm enjoying having a long deadline and complete freedom to knit and design whatever I fancy. And no pressure because 1yr olds treat all clothes the same. It's not love or hate, it's just a receptacle for spare breakfast. An handfuls of mud. And maybe some dibble. Hmm, I hope this yarn's washable.

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