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Monday, September 27, 2010

I went for my run

and I saw a tractor and cows and bunnies. 

It's turned a bit cold here so on Sunday I got to wear my alpaca jumper from Bolivia for the first time.  I didn't buy many souvenirs from Bolivia and I didn't have much time for shopping but I did manage a purple striped hoody (photo another day), some gloves and two shawls that have been put away ready for xmas.  I also brought home Bolivian chocolates for everyone. 

I've been knitting fairly steadily lately but I think the yarn I've been using is irritating my eyes.  It's very soft camel based yarn  (the unicorn from last year) but I think the wispy bits aren't agreeing with me.  I'll push on through, though as it's very lovely to wear (and I happen to have quite amassed a pretty pile of it). (lots of brackets).



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