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Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, backing up my laptop wasn't nearly as troublesome as I'd thought.  Who knew being organised was so easy? Click and drag and try not to drop the laptop or spill tea over it.  I was a bit confused over a few items so may have double copied some but better that than lose vital things.  Like photos of knitting from all sorts of angles.  I suppose I was putting it off as there are photos and documents from my former life that I didn't want to start sifting through but mostly I deleted folders worth of junk and felt very smug.

I'm going to a (not tupperware or avon but along those lines) party tonight - ugh.  Last time I went to one, the salesperson went all weird when I started knitting. I think she was offended but honestly, it was boring and I couldn't bear to sit through listening to more of her pitch about why her products are always voted really the best of everything.  I'm only going to support the host and eat my mum's homemade cake.  It doesn't take much to get me out of the house, when cake's involved.  Tomorrow I'm going to a real birthday party and I get to take the train and, due to the almost unfathomable prices of train tickets, I'm going first class.  Yup, first class tickets were only £3 each way more than cattle class. Imagine if that were true on aeroplanes!



At 10:48 PM, Anonymous pip said...

well done... it's hard sorting out stuff!


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