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Friday, October 15, 2010


Apparently this is becoming a theme.

It happened yesterday and it really threw off my groove.  I found it quite hard at the time to keep it in perspective. One the one hand (foot) it is only a holey sock.  A really big hole but just a hole.  I could attempt a repair, I could reuse the rest of the wool or I could just bin them. Not the worst dilemma to have to face.  On the other foot, these socks represent a significant investment of time and money and belief.  It really made me question how worthwhile it is to knit socks.  This is like losing religion to me.  People used to mock me when I'd spent a small fortune on hand dyed sock yarn and then many hours with teeny tiny needles and I'd say these socks are so much better than shop bought socks. It didn't really occur to me that they wouldn't last very long. And by that I mean, they wouldn't last forever.   

Yesterday, I was beginning to think I would give up on luxury socks. I would divert all sock yarn to shawls or gloves.  My friend at knitting group is making some lovely fingerless mittens at the moment which I'm really coveting.  I'd like to design some shawls without tipping myself into insanity by using laceweight (I like the result but not the process as it rarely ends in result with me) so I've plenty of things I could use my stash on.  Then, this morning was another cold morning and I put on some GORGEOUS socks that I've been very careful with.  No trips through the washing machine for these puppies. And I'm reconverted.  Hand knitted socks are still the best socks. No question.  I promise, my faith will not waver in future.



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