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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A slight miscalculation

In preparation for the warmer weather, I've been rootling through my sock drawer, looking for my winter wool socks. I love handknitted socks, especially in the winter.  They're warmer, more comfortable and much more stylish than shop bought cotton socks.  They're thick enough to reduce the rubbing on my heel from my trainers, they fit into my hiking boots, and they don't restrict my circulation at the ankles.  In the past I've treated them with great care and always handwashed them but (not being much into handwashing) this really reduced the amount of wear I got from them as they were always sitting in the laundry basket. In my search, I found three without their pairs so then tipped the laundry basket upside down to find their missing mates. I'm not sure what possessed me at this stage to put the three located dirty socks in the washing machine but I did. Two socks were pretty happy but one was not.

My colour catcher was bright purple but fortunately none of the other washing was ruined. I suppose now I have to bite the bullet and put the other sock in the wash and hope it fades to the same colour scheme. I don't think I can really wear them at the moment as I might as well have worn the original odd socks instead of finding their pairs. On the bright side, at least it didn't shrink.

Here's a shot of the alpaca jumper from La Paz.

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At 8:53 PM, Anonymous pip said...

you're right... winter weather calls for cosy socks!... though I don't do handwashing (or ironing!). Either things machine wash nicely (cool temps are fine) or I don't bother :)


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