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Friday, October 08, 2010


I had my first Japanese lesson last night.  It was really fun! I knew a few words before I went there so there wasn't too much that was new for me which was good because I was nervous of meeting new people.  There were 11 students (one didn't turn up) and the teacher seemed very nice. 

After my trauma with my sock last week, I have abandoned it to my bedroom floor. I don't expect it will heal itself but at least it will have time to think about what it's done and I will expect an apology before I tackle trying to fix it.  It has reminded me that I have two more pairs of purple socks on the needles at the moment so I should perhaps finish them soon.  It doesn't really matter at the moment because the weather has turned  from autumn back to late summer so I'll be wearing cotton ankle socks this weekend.

I'm working on a new project for next year and I am so excited about it.  It's using a new yarn which is my new favourite yarn ever and it's making me feel really Christmassy, which is a shame in a way as I will have to send the project off to the magazine for photography this month and I don't expect it will return before Christmas.  It's also making me want to buy up as many balls of this yarn as I can when it is released to the public but that would be in strict violation of the economic diet I'm on.  The diet seems to be going well but I'm coming to a point when I will need to buy some things but I've begun to enjoy having tiny credit card bills.  Unfortunately, the never ending toiletries cupboard is running out of conditioner and my hair will not manage without it. Now, one conditioner is not going to break the bank but I'm worried I won't be able to buy just one thing. I'll come up with excuses or phantom presents that need buying and boom, accidentally spend a fortune.  Or I'll just buy the conditioner and then resent not being able to enjoy it.  I need to buy a textbook for Japanese soon aswell and Amazon is one of my major downfalls.  This morning I caught myself compiling a list of other items I'd slip in the basket - a book I saw reviewed on tv, a cd and a computer game were all sneaking in. I suppose this is the real test of whether I've learnt any restraint. I joke that I have no self control but it has always been easier for me to buy nothing than to only buy one thing. I'm also a bit sick of my ancient laptop taking forever to start up. I did say a little while ago that I would buy a new one but then I thought I can't just make a budget and then treat a laptop as entirely separate from the budget. Wouldn't that render the budget completely pointless? So I've hung back from buying it but I really want to blog more. Is blogging more really worth the extra expense?

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At 9:10 PM, Anonymous pip said...

I'd love to learn Japanese!


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