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Saturday, April 09, 2011

RUN #2

Pre run munch: pb&h on toast
Post run munch: milk, yoghurt and some chocolates, hey it's Friday
Time of run: 6:15pm
Steps: 2496
Time: 24mins
Category: Continuing
Feeling: Nervous

It's been lovely and sunny for the last few days.  I've been enjoying the longer evenings and have noticed I don't twat about so much in the preamble to my run.  Now that it's training for a specific event, I'm much more determined and focussed.  And that is exactly what ALL the magazines and websites and runners say. There's nothing like signing up for a race to up your game.  I wasn't feeling very positive last night for my run.  My right shin was sore and I was listening to the niggling doubts in my head.  Firstly, it didn't occur to me I might get injured as I feel like I'm not pushing my body very hard. People train for extreme sports all the time and the human body is incredibly resiliant so I don't consider what I'm doing as that hardcore.  Secondly, what seemed like a long time to train now doesn't sound that long. My dance teacher, who is also a personal trainer seemed a bit worried at how late I'd left things but I think I'd given him the impression I'm a total beginner which isn't true. I ran about twice a week last year between April and September and then I started again this February.  I probably would have preferred to enter a 5k race but I couldn't find one I liked the look of.  I worry that there will be expectations and judgements but really, do I seriously think people will jeer at me if I walk some of the way?  I don't know.  My theme for this run was trying to reduce the walking breaks.  I managed 10minutes of continuous (very slow) jogging which is a new record for me.  I feel pleased that I'm setting personal bests all along the way so I'm going to see this run as a success and try to forget about the worries for a bit longer. 



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